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Tourist information

The hotel's spot

<Near the spa town>

  • ◆Ikaho Ishidan Street (10 minutes walk from the hotel)

    Ikaho Onsen is a historic hot spring that has been around since the age of Manyo, and a Ishidan Street spreads in the center of it.
    Ishidan Street was made Sengoku Time Period. 365 stages in all to the first Ikaho Shrine.
    ryokan and souvenir shops line up on both sides.
    Please go out in a yukata retro spa town with plenty of hot spring atmosphere.
  • ◆Yumoto Kajika Bridge (Kajika Bridge, a 20-minute walk from the hotel)

    Ikaho Shrine red Taikobashi Bridge Yumoto, which is further behind Ikaho Shrine, is a famous place for colored leaves.
    It is lighted up from the end of October to the middle of November and you can enjoy fantastic scenery.
  • ◆Ikaho Ropeway, Miharashi Observatory (Tokimeki Deck)

    4 minutes on foot from the hotel.Take a 4 minute aerial walk to the spectacular observation deck (Tokimeki Deck).
  • ◆Ikaho Forest Park (10 minutes walk from Ikaho Ropeway Miharashi Station)

    Various from beginner to advanced course.How about forest bathing & mini hiking?
  • ◆Takehisa Yumeji Ikaho Memorial Hall (10 minutes on foot from the hotel)

    Takehisa Yumeji the world of Taisho (time period) Romantic painter famous for beautiful painting, Takehisa Yumeji please.
  • ◆Ikaho Green Bokujo (5 minutes by car from the hotel, there is a route bus)

    *Ikaho Green Bokujo / Dynamic New Zealand Sheepdog Show,
    Fureai Taiken!

<A little extended your legs>

  • ◆Harunako (lake) (20 minutes by car from the hotel)

    Harunako (lake) pleasure boat and boat in Harunako (lake)! Ropeway also comfortable