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◇◆Beautiful skin and health multi-course dinner "Silk Kaiseki Set Meal"◆◇

Gunma is "Silk country". We use silk for our cuisine.
Eatable silk which was processed into food in food form, and its source "mulberry leaves".
Both of them are compatible with the dishes, and they are also easy to use for the body. . .


  • ◇◆, The main dish is the four seasons, "

     I would like you to feel the fragrance of the wonderful four seasons ...
    Such a feeling has changed the contents every season.

    There are four course in the hotel's cuisine cuisine.

    ◆Seasonal Kaiseki Meal
         Standard dish served to many customers

    ◆Seasonal Kaiseki Meal Danran(Danran/Reasonable course)
         It's slightly lighter than the standard kaiseki cuisine, and the contents change
         Even though it's light, it's 5-6 dishes, rice, soup, and dessert.
         It is content of fulfillment

    ◆Steak Plan
         Joshu Beef Steak is the main kaiseki meal.

    ◆Sukiyaki Plan
         Joshu Beef is the main kaiseki meal.
    ※plan content changes depending on the plan
    ※The content of the banquet plan changes

  • ◇◆Standard Kaiseki Meal◆◇

    This is a 7-course kaiseki meal including `` Joshu Beef Sukiyaki.''
    We change the dishes according to the seasons.

    ※The contents may change on the circumstances of seasonal change and purchase.
  • ◇◆Danran course - Reasonable Kaiseki Cuisine◆◇

    It's a 7-course kaiseki meal including "Mochibuta Shabu Shabu".
    We change the dishes according to the seasons.

    ※The contents may change on the circumstances of seasonal change and purchase.
  • ◇◆, Bespoke food, ""

    Another item for usual cuisine cuisine!
    We offer gems carefully selected by the chief chef, as well as river fish and Konjac in Joshu.

    ◆Horse sashimi 1,870 yen

    ◆Ayu grilled with salt 1,100 yen

    ◆Handmade sashimi konjac (with silk powder) 1,100 yen

    ◆Spare ribs ¥2,200

    ◆Joshu Beef Steak 5,500 JPY ※Advance reservation required
  • ◇◆, Hospitality breakfast table, ""

    The hotel does not take the style of buffet,
    We have breakfast for 1 person each.

    With warm Koshihikari rice from local From Gunma,
    Relax. "Will you have breakfast?

    ※The contents may change on the circumstances of seasonal change and purchase.
  • ◇◆, Children's dishes, ""

    ●For infants●
    It is contents of what is called kids' meal such as fried egg and fried shrimp.

    ●For elementary school children●
    Adult-like dish.It will be about 3 items less than adult's cuisine cuisine.

    Enjoy a professional chef's authentic Japanese cuisine for children. ···Shinki of Shinki

    Travel is a place of discovery that is important for children.
    It absorbs various things at the traveling destination and grows, it is an amazing place for children.
    We do not dare deliver hamburgers, fried fried eggs etc. to the cuisine for primary school students.
    Since I was on a trip, my children also had different professional chefs as usual
    I want to taste authentic Japanese cuisine made with all my heart, that is our feeling.
    Maybe there is something to eat for the first time, or something that tastes a bit difficult to eat.
    But is not it also one of the food education?
    And that may be memories of an important trip.
    I will prepare meals with such wishes.

◇◆, Meal place·Guidance, ""

【Meal place】

Depending on accommodation plan and number of people, there are several preparations.

Private room restaurant / private room banquet hall
Banquet Hall·hole(In case of venue food)

【Meal time】

Dinner, Start time, PM 6: 00 to PM 7: 30
Breakfast, Start time, AM 7: 30 to AM 8: 30

※Depending on your reservation status and arrival time, you may not be able to meet your request, although you may choose your preferred time.
  • ■About contents change of dish■

    The cuisine of the hotel is a cuisine cuisine prepared by the chefs with a heartfelt feeling "seasonal feeling" as the main dish while focusing on local ingredients.
    To everyone, we want to enjoy the balance of the whole dish so we can not change the contents.
    Please acknowledge it beforehand.
  • ■About Allergic Response■

    Until now, the hotel has responded to "excluding relevant foodstuffs".
    However, allergic substances are also very diverse in recent years, and it may be impossible to respond to everything, such as when it is included as part of foodstuffs or when it is contained in seasoning.
    Also, even if the relevant foodstuffs are pulled out, it is impossible to completely remove even a small amount of ingredients attached to cooking utensils such as pots.
    In view of this situation, as a result of considering customer's safety, we decided not to take allergies.
    We appreciate your understanding and thank you in advance for your understanding.
  • ■In case of children's allergy etc., we will receive heating in the range of bring-in items■

    In the case of children's allergy etc., it is possible to have a retort food on the market.
    In that case, I will overheat in frozen storage or range.