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Information on traffic

●Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything you do not understand in the street. TEL, 0279-20-3255

◇◆, About 25 minutes from Shibukawa Ikaho IC, accessible outdoor hot-spring resort, ''

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Hotel Name

Yorokobi no yado Shinki


557-34 Ikaho, Ikaho Town, Shibukawa City, Gunma Prefecture

Telephone number



Kanetsu Road Shibukawa Ikaho IC 25 minutes by car from Kanetsudo Kanetsu Road Shibukawa Ikaho IC, 25 minutes by bus from Ikaho Onsen from JR Joetsu Line Shibukawa Station (Get off at the bus terminal)

◇◆, Information on parking lots(Free)◆◇

The parking lot of the hotel is in front of the building and just under the building (basement / covered so bikes can be stopped with confidence), across the street and across the street.
(50 cars) Please put your car directly in the parking lot.

●If you are older, some with small children, or one with bad feet, please put them in the front entrance slope.

●We may keep your car keys.
For the front of the building it will be a parking space when the emergency vehicle enters, so it will be parallel parking on the structure under construction.
Also, we will keep the key when we get off at the entrance and move at the hotel.
Thank you in advance for your understanding.
  • ◇◆, Customers coming by car, ''

    ●from Tokyo
    Kanetsu Expressway 105km- Shibukawa Ikaho IC, Ikaho Haruna Road 9 km(About 25 minutes)The hotel

    ●From Niigata
    Kanetsu Expressway 196km- Shibukawa Ikaho IC, Same as above

    ●From Nagano
    Above Shinetsu Expressway&Kanetsu Expressway 149km ~ Shibukawa Ikaho IC, Same as above
  • ◇◆, Customers coming by train, ""

    ●Tokyo- Joetsu Shinkansen (bullet train) 55 minutes Takasaki Station - Joetsu Line 25 minutes Shibukawa Station, ~ Route bus about 25 from Ikaho

    ●Ueno - Limited Express Kusatsu-go 100 minutes Shibukawa Station -route bus about 25 minutes Ikaho

    ●Niigata- Joetsu Shinkansen (bullet train) 75 minutes Takasaki Station - Joetsu Line 25 minutes Shibukawa Station -Route bus about 25 minutes Ikaho

    ●Nagano- Hokuriku Shinkansen 50 minutes Takasaki Station - Joetsu Line 25 minutes Shibukawa Station -Route bus about 25 minutes Ikaho

    ◆There are two types of route bus from Shibukawa Station and Ikaho Onsen line

    ●Kan-etsu Transportation, (Via Ikaho Green Bokujo)
    25 minutes by "Ikaho Onsen" line or "Ikaho Harunaguchi" line
    Get off at Ikaho Bus Terminal, 2 minutes on foot
    ※Note: Some of the "Ikaho Harunaguchi" lines do not pass through the Ikaho Bus Terminal

    ●Gunma Bus, (Mizusawa Udon Town via Mizusawa Kannon)
    "Ikaho Onsen" row, In 30 minutes, Get off at Ikaho Bus Terminal, 2 minutes on foot
    ※Ikaho Bus Terminal is not an end point.
    ※The bus via Mizusawa does not pass Ikaho Green Bokujo.
  • ◇◆, Customers using Express Bus, "

    ●"Joshu Yumeguri Go" (Bound for Kusatsu Onsen, JR Bus Kanto)
      Tokyo(Busta Shinjuku)~ Ikaho Ishidan Street, Get off (Time required, 2 hours 40 minutes)
    ※We will pick you up at the bus stop, so please contact us after arrival.
      You can also keep your luggage when you are walking as it is.
      (It takes about 15 minutes on foot from the bus stop to the hotel)

    ※There are two bus stops in the Ikaho Onsen area.
    1 Ikaho Ishidan Street
    Please get off at this bus stop.
    (Because there is a roundabout, get on to a pick-up car is smooth)
    ② Ikaho Onsen
    Takehisa Yumeji Ikaho Memorial Hall coming to the Takehisa Yumeji Ikaho Memorial Hall, this one is more convenient.

    ●"Ikaho Shima Onsen-go", (※ From November to the first season of May, Kan-etsu Transportation Bound for Shima Onsen, Kan-etsu Transportation)
      Tokyo Station Yaesu Street- Kawagoe Station - Ikaho Onsen