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Yorokobi no yado Shinki
0279-20-3255(受付時間 9:00〜19:00)

【Official】Yorokobi no yado Shinki

Efforts and Requests for Prevention of New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases and Prevention of Spread

Dear customer
Thank you for your Shinki.

In order to prevent infection and spread of new coronaviruses, we are taking the following measures in consideration of the health and safety of customers and employees.

1. We are strengthening the cleaning and disinfection of this facility and installing a disinfectant solution at the entrance.
2. The facility is constantly ventilated, with windows and doors open.
3. We thoroughly manage the health of our employees and wear masks when serving customers.
Four. Please refrain from visiting if you feel unwell (cough, sore throat, etc.), have a body temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher, or if you have a suspicion.
5. We ask our customers to wear a mask when moving within the facility.
6. An acrylic partition is installed to prevent splashes on the front desk.
7. We measure the temperature and verify the identity of all visitors.

●One-day hot springs are not available on busy days such as weekends

※We have a private room plan.
※We have set up a table for food at the venue, keeping a distance from before. ..
※Depending on the stocking situation, we may change the cooking menu.

※All the staff were vaccinated.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Today's piece

  • ~Fresh green season~

    It's the season of fresh green!

    You can enjoy the beautiful fresh green scenery at Kajika Bridge!

    It is a recommended walking spot in Ikaho!

    ※May 08, 2022 14:30 update

    ★Previous photos are published on the blog ("Notice" at the bottom of the top page)★

★For reservations, the website is advantageous.★

  • Aigo Gunma Project 5th"Accommodation campaign"

    From Monday, May 9th, the 5th Aigo Gunma Project "Accommodation Campaign" will start!
    You can get a discount of up to 5,000 yen.
    Not only Gunma residents but also residents of Fukushima prefecture, Ibaraki prefecture, Tochigi prefecture, Saitama prefecture, Chiba prefecture, Niigata prefecture, Yamanashi prefecture, Kanagawa prefecture and Nagano prefecture can use it.

    For details of the campaign such as discount requirements, please check the official website of the 5th "Accommodation Campaign" of the Aigo Gunma Project.
  • From April 1, 2020, public spaces within the facility will be completely non-smoking.

    In addition to the space that has been banned from smoking since May 2019
    All common spaces such as banquet halls, karaoke rooms, and ramen corners are non-smoking.
    If you want to smoke, please make a reservation in the "smoking room".
  • ■HP reservation privilege■

    ●Beer service at the observation lounge(From 16:00 to 18:00)
        Juice for children

    ●Yumeji design patterned yukata rental free(women only)

    ※Some plan do not have HP benefits, such as special plan limited time only.
     Thank you for understanding in advance.
    ※For groups of 8 people or more (including children), we will provide one shochu (Class A, 720 ml) at dinner instead of the above benefits.

Make your trip reasonably priced with the Go To Travel Campaign!

  • About extension of suspension measures nationwide for Go To Travel Campaign

    The nationwide uniform Go To Travel Campaign suspension measures have been extended.
    ※Please see the GoTo Travel official website for the latest information as further additions and changes may be made due to government announcements in the future.

    Go To Travel Call Center 
    0570-002-442 (10: 00-19: 00)
    03-6636-9457 (10: 00-19: 00)
  • How to use the GoTo Travel Campaign with direct reservations and official website reservations

    ●No discounts on the GoTo Travel campaign will be applied once the booking is complete●
    After making a reservation by phone or from the official website, click the banner of the GoTo travel campaign on the left or the link below to move to the "STAY NAVI" service and register the necessary items yourself, Go To campaign discount Please complete the procedure.(For smartphones, click the link below)

    If you would like to apply by proxy, please contact us by phone when making your reservation.

    You can get the discount by printing the issued coupon or saving it on a smartphone screen shot, etc., and presenting the coupon number to the front desk at check-in.
  • Only for those who have applied for GoTo Travel Discount at STAY NAVI! Up to 35% discount on highway tour passes nationwide!

    Only for those who have applied for a discount on Go To Travel at STAY NAVI!
    You can also use the national highway tour pass with a maximum discount of 35%!
    In addition to the best-value accommodation by making a direct sales reservation from the official website, it is also reasonable to move!
    Enjoy a safer, more secure, free and affordable trip with a small number of people.

Beauty Spa

  • Silk esthetic course List

    "shin-ki original"course using "silk cosmetics" called "panacea of ​​skin"
    ●If you are pregnant, please understand that only the facial course (30 minutes) can be operated.
    ●Please understand that we do not allow treatment for drunk people.(At the discretion of the practitioner)
    ●Men can also do the treatment, please feel free.
    ※The treatment fee is the price excluding consumption tax.
  • Massage(You can also rub your room)

    It massages the lumps and promotes the reflexes of the acupoints on the body to improve blood circulation and remove fatigue substances.
    Heal the tiredness by applying mechanical stimuli (pushing, rubbing, rubbing, tapping, shaking, pulling) to the body using hands and fingers.
    Please do not hesitate to ask about the strength of the treatment.

    ※If you are pregnant, please understand that the procedure is not available.
    ※If you are worried about other chronic diseases, please contact us in advance.
    ※The treatment fee is the price excluding consumption tax.
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◆ '', Guide within facilities, ""◆

  • Observation Yuagari Lounge, 6F

    From the observation lounge in 6th floor you can see the mountains of Gunma.
    After having arrived at the inn, and after having soaked in hot water, this superb view
    How about a cold beer in the lounge?
    Please also use for a meeting.

    ※The use time as a bathing lounge is from 16: 00 to 18: 00.
  • Souvenir shop, 1F

    Various items such as Ikaho Famous Confection and Japanese style accessories···
    We deal in many products related to our original Kuwanoha tea and silk.
    Please do not hesitate to visit.
  • Karaoke room, 2F

    A karaoke room in a private room with a capacity of 20 people.
    Please use at the second party etc.
    We are also very welcome to use in small numbers!

    ※Rates of use, 1 to 9 people, 90 minutes, 1,000 yen per person (Tax included)
           10 or more people, Room charge, 90 minutes, ¥ 10,000 (Tax included)
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Yorokobi no yado Shinki


557-34 Ikaho, Ikaho Town, Shibukawa City, Gunma Prefecture

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Kanetsu Road Shibukawa Ikaho IC 25 minutes by car from Kanetsudo Kanetsu Road Shibukawa Ikaho IC, 25 minutes by bus from Ikaho Onsen from JR Joetsu Line Shibukawa Station (Get off at the bus terminal)
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Yorokobi no yado Shinki Ikaho Onsen

  • 800m above sea level, Ikaho Topclass superb view and beauty and health Silk Kaiseki Set Meal

    Mountains in Joshu where changing cosmetics with the season.
    Looking out for a magnificent view While enjoying a bath,
    The open-air bath of Ikaho Onsen where refreshing Ikaho's wind Ikaho the skin is exceptional.
    It is said that hot water containing metasilicic acid is good for beautiful skin,
    The skin becomes smooth.In addition, open-air bath entering attracted the Choyo is the best.
    Please enjoy delicious sake while looking at the night view of Ikaho the lounge as the bath rises.
    Cooking would like you to feel the fragrance of the wonderful four seasons ...
    We offer Silk Kaiseki Set Meal that change the contents every season with such thought.
    All cooking is handmade.Especially the roast beef has received great popularity

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